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Marion's Story. Volume 1   Installment 1

I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a little girl. Columbus, Georgia was not a bastien of fashionistas but where the dream started. My mother was a Home Economics teacher.  She created and ran a  summer program for her school which included, sewing, cooking, etiquette and a few other things. This is where I learned to sew.  Every summer from the time I was 10 years old that is what I was doing.  I was a natural. My first sewing machine was a Singer.  I started making doll clothing and onto skirts, dresses, prom dresses and all kinds of things.  When I was 16, I made my first wedding dress. It was for my dance instructor.  My first semi design. I modified a pattern. Sewing was my calming therapy and I loved it.

My mother Thelma loves beautiful quality clothing. Her wardrobe was from one of the two best boutiques in Columbus. Kiralfy's or Mathews. My school clothing came from Penney's and Sears, however, our "good clothes" as we called them, came from a chic children's boutique called "The Kitty Shoppe".  This was my next introduction to high end and designer apparel.   The driving force to become a fashion designer was the annual Ebony Fashion Fair ( It was the world’s largest traveling fashion show  of the latest fashions of international designers, black designers, black models,  live music, and the place to see and be seen.  After attending my first show ( I think I was 13), I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I will come back to the black designers part. The dream began.

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